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How to donate?

How to donate?

Donations that will mean a lot to our oldest and most endangered fellow citizens

Your donation will provide support and equipment to help our staff at the forefront of working with the most vulnerable stay safe and healthy so they can continue to serve our oldest and weakest citizens. Through donations, we raise funds that we distribute to help those who really need it and who depend on the daily care and care of others. Support for our life-changing programs and services for Minute Nurse users.

Little things that make us happy

The care and support of our neighbors who need help is provided with your charitable support and donations that mean a lot to them.

How to donate?

Simply fill out the payment slip shown below with the amount you want and take it to the nearest bank or post office to make the payment. Also, if you have an installed application, you can pay the donation in the same way with the amount you want through the e-banking application.

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